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Celia Bartlett

From a very early age, Celia remembers the magic of the darkroom; the warmth, the smell, the dim safelight but most of all, that real magic when an image appeared on a little square of paper floating in the white ceramic tray. It was a special treat to be allowed to stand quietly alongside her father in his improvised darkroom. She was completely absorbed by this unfolding magic...and there began her affair with photography.

Around the age of twelve Celia started to take photographs of her own, having begged or borrowed a motley assortment of cameras. Results from these frequently disappointed her young creative eye, however, this frustration was finally resolved upon the arrival of a brand new Pentax SLR for her twenty-first birthday. Swiftly, she went on to develop a passion for the art, and without realising, photography played a regular part in her several years of design studies and work in other creative fields.

The transition to digital photography began for her in 2000 with the advent of consumer digital cameras and a full switch to a Canon DSLR followed in 2007. Already working in digital design, the DSLR opened up the creative freedom she had craved and it was in 2010 that she moved all her artistic energies into photography. In 2014, she was introduced to the Olympus OM-D interchangeable lens system cameras and her back and shoulders do appreciate the lightened load. Now with both Canon full frame and Olympus micro four thirds mirrorless systems, she is able to offer silent shooting for sensitive events. By having two systems available, it allows flexibility in choosing the kit appropriate to the assignment.

Having always been more interested in 'picture' books rather than 'word' books, it was almost inevitable that an interest in a story-telling style of photography would develop. Her resulting work can be as diverse as editorial and documentary assignments to reportage, theatre and events. She holds a UKPCA card and currently works freelance for local and regional press in East Anglia. In addition to her day-to-day work, she hosts seasonal photography workshops as West Cork Photography Breaks in Ireland. Her relaxed approach to instruction is much appreciated both during these workshops and for one-to-one tuition in UK workshops.

In daily life she is interested in wildlife, and a keen follower of cetacean conservation.
Based in East Anglia and West Cork.


Photographer's Statement

"Straightforward, truthful and honest, you won't find fancy-coloured filters, trickery or retouching in my professional work. If I do ever choose to, or find the need to, I will declare it so. I photograph as is, and present the images as was. As a reportage, editorial and documentary photographer, the images must tell the truth. I prefer to photograph discreetly with available light wherever possible, portable flashes and studio-style lights may be used on occasions where appropriate. Any editing is limited to only that which was traditionally possible from a darkroom image. This will allow for example, adjustment to exposure, colour balance and contrast, along with cropping and straightening. Dust spotting is executed where needed but artefacts will never be adjusted or removed. Put simply, I never intend my images to lie." Celia

Qualifications include
BA Hons in Graphic Design at Cambridge School of Art
Graduate Studies in Book Arts at London College of Communication
Diploma in Fine Crafts and Design at Rycotewood College

UKPCA - NMA Freelance


Portrait of Britain 2019 - shortlist

Photography tutor